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User Add/Edit screen field not showing on "add"?

  • Hey!

    We’ve got a field-group assigned to the Add/Edit user form for a custom user role (retailer) – attachment 1.

    However when we go to add a new user, the field doesn’t show – attachment 2.

    If I save the user, and then go to edit, I see the field – attachment 3.

    How can I get it to display on the main add screen? Does the fact I’m administrator have anything to do with it?

  • This appears to be a bug. I’ve reported it to the developer.

  • Correction, this is not a bug. AJAX loading of field groups does not work on the user add/edit page. You need to change the user type and update to see the field groups. The developer said that he will try to add this in 5.5.

  • Ok, thanks for the reply John!

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