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Use InnerBlocks inside Repeater field

  • Is there a way to use InnerBlocks inside a repeater?
    In my example, I have tabs and I want to use InnerBlocks as the tab content.
    If I use InnerBlocks inside the repeater loop it duplicates the content to all tabs.

  • I believe I’m right in saying that you can only include the <InnerBlocks /> tag once per block, so it wouldn’t really working in the repeater situation.

    However, I believe you can still get the desired result with a slightly different approach. You’ll just need to use two custom blocks instead.

    The first block, “tab group”, will look something like this:

    <div class="group"> <InnerBlocks /> </div>

    The second block, “tab item”, will look something like this:

    <div class="item"> <InnerBlock /> </div>

    The key is when you set the “tab group” block up that you define 'allowed_blocks' to only allow “tab item” (acf/tab-item). Also, you can set the “tab item” up with 'parent' to only allow it as an option when inside a “tab group”. Now, when you’re in the editor, you can firstly create a group block and then add as many unique item blocks to the group. Basically the same as a repeater!

  • Any plans on implementing it in a later release? Anyone know something? This feature would be great!

  • Hi! Having same “problem” here, this feature would be really great!

    Is there any issue open?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Doesn’t @dsouzaj86 ‘s answer solve this?

    It isn’t a limitation of ACF, but of Gutenberg at this point. You can only have 1 <InnerBlocks /> within a block.

    It seems like the solution suggestion is the exact way of working around this with ACF.

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