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Use fields and labels in search page

  • Hello,

    I’m currently using ACF for my website (under construction for the moment). It’s a website about pole dancing. For each trick i use two group fields (one is level : beginner, intermediate, advanced…) and an other group fields is pole touching points (shoulder, knee, leg, arm…). I’m also using visual composer so for ehc trick page i display automatically level and touch points
    What i want to do is :
    – create a search page displaying this to group fields and permitting selection. So users can search a trick with a level intermediate and for example select two touch points (knee and hand for example).
    I’m not a developper so sorry because i read a lot in this forums about changing php files. Is there a plugin which can help me to do this ?

    🙁 sorry for my english

  • If you can’t do the coding yourself then you need to look for a parametric or faceted search plugin that works with ACF. For most uses I would suggest

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