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  • Hi There,

    I have installed the plugin and set up some custom fields. I created a new post and entered the information in the fields. When I look at the published post, none of the data entered in the fields are displayed. I look through the documentation, but to me, and I am not sure, it appears like I have to do some code editing??

    Secondly, I would only like these custom fields to appear on a certain post template.

    I found an site which seemed to explain how to set up the plugin and it seemed like all you had to do is create a new template file and define it as the template to be used in the custom fields group. Unfortunately I cant find that site again for you to review. Any help would be appreciated.

  • if this has been discussed in another post, please provide a link.

  • I suppose my question is, how do I assign a new post template to use these custom fields? The how to docs explain how you display the field, but not how you select that custom template only to use the custom fields. At the moment, it displays the fields on the default post.

  • Hi dmweyer,

    Here is an article on setting up location rules:

    Is it what you are looking for?


  • Actually it covers custom location rules but still I think that what you need are location rules which are in the edit field group view.

  • I originally thought that is what I would be able to use, but when I select post type = to, I only have the option of post or page?

  • And when you are saying post template, do you mean a post type because you are working on custom post types or you a page template because you are working on pages?

  • Post types. So what I would like to do is select a post template when creating a new post, and that template to display the custom fields.

    Thanks for you help with this matter so far.

  • ok so you can set the custom fields to only appear on custom page templates but not post templates??

  • If you have a custom post type registered like for example I have a post type customer:
    Custom post type: Customer
    then in Location rules selection you should not be looking for post templates but post types like it is below:
    Location rule selection

    I don’t think you should be worry about post templates as I believe you can only create one per each post type (but for pages as many as you like).

    Unless you don’t see any custom post types in your selection?

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