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Use Conditional Field from Another Field Group, same edit screen

  • I have a conditional field in a field group that is placed in the main body of the edit screen. I have several fields in the main body that are conditional based on that field. Now I want to add fields into the side of the edit screen, but I want some of those fields to be dependent on the SAME conditional field as the main body fields. I don’t want to have an identical conditional field on the side just to control the side fields.

    Is this possible? Or is it possible to independently place fields within the same field group either in the main body or the side?


  • I know this is an older question, but for anyone looking for something like this.

    I’ve done a bit of testing, trying different things using exported fields and load field filters. As it stands now this is not possible in ACF. In order for conditional logic to work the fields must be in the same field group. Something like this would probably require a complete rewrite of the conditional logic JavaScript code.

    I’ll mark this thread for review by the developer, but I can’t say this is something he’d want to add. The conditional logic is already quite complex.

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