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Use ACF Profile Field As Variable in Javascript

  • Hello,

    A Bit of Background
    I have a website up and running:
    This has a search box just under the menu, which allows to search any GB location and a weather forecast will be produced, using a query function within Javascript.

    Main Idea
    I would like to set a Primary Location within the person’s profile, so that they can hit “Your Weather” which would be a page would be on the menu, and this allows them to get the weather for their area easily.

    I am just lost on how I would go about doing such a thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Setting a variable to be used in a script would usually be done using wp_localize_script() during script registration/enqueuing.

    If your script is inline you could simply add the variable and value as part of the script content.

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