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  • having tinyMCE editors for every row, is making my whole post editor to almost crash my browser.

    I generated an importer to make rows out of powerpoint presentations, and with 44 rows, the browser is irresponsive!

    Excuse the authoritary tone, but when I see something I could do myself, not being an advance programmer, in a few hours -hours for me is great hehe- I feel not doing it for an advance programmer is crazy! )

    You MUST use only one for each row being edited, and replace the rest by a snapshot of the actual editor. Then feed the data back to the same few active editor instances when focused.

    It’s impossible to work like this, and a text-area doesn’t work for my case. (I can’t make my client to keep a consistency pattern in the text to convert it to bullets, or writing code)

    I hope it takes a few minutes for you to do it 🙂

    For the rest, the plugin is awesome 🙂


  • Hi @sergiozambrano

    Your issue isn’t with ACF per se. Your issue is that you’re loading so many editors that it’s not viable for the browser to instantiate all of them and you get timed out (is my guess, or it takes a long time).

    Rather than trying to accommodate for such a setup you should rethink your architecture. I would instead create a custom post type (you can use plugins for this) where each post will hold one presentation as either an ACF field or you could use the default editor.

    Even if it did take a few minutes to do a “fix” for this a plugin of this size can’t just do a minor not critical change and push out a whole new version. People would go crazy over new versions being released constantly 🙂

  • But you can leave the change in the (whatever you call your latest not-for-release version) so I can download it 🙂

    If you think this is possible (using a single wysiwyg and creating a snapshot of the rest until needed) I’d do it myself.

    I have no idea how, but I managed to import a whole powerpoint with base64 images and everything saved to the media library in one week 🙂

    Just send me a few lines of critical points where you think I could encounter a challenge, and I’ll try it.

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