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Uploading images on the front end without acf_form

  • Hello wonderful ACF people!

    I’m trying to create a front-end form that posts to an ACF options page without using acf_form on the front-end. Why? Because I’m AJAX loading the form – and the acf_form_head function needs to be sent before any HTML, which I can’t do because I’m AJAX loading the form. I can’t load it on every page by default because it makes some other stuff go mind-bendingly bad.

    What’s the recommended way of posting an image to an image field from the front end? update_field doesn’t seem to be the one (or I’m missing something).

  • Actually, I guess more to the point, I’d like to replicate the AJAX upload image functionality that Eliot has used in acf_form so that I can AJAX upload an image and then associate that image’s ID with an ACF Image field on POST.


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