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Uploading ACF images from a mobile device

  • Houston… we have a problem…

    So, I’ve been merrily building a site now for a few weeks and have immersed myself in the world of custom fields and custom post types etc. which were all new to me until now. There’s a lot to wrap your head around but I reached the point where I was happy to share my efforts with someone else so they could have a play around with it.

    Now, I’ve been building this site on my PC but methodically ensuring the responsive displays are all working and looking good etc. including the several forms I’ve built using the Front End form plug-in drawing from the ACF fields I’ve created.

    I was a bit confused, as a “newbie”, when I was told that they loved what I was doing but when they tried to finish filling in the form and upload an image in the relevant section the button wouldn’t work on their mobile…

    I was less confused when I Googled it and discovered that you can’t use the WordPress image upload screen on a mobile device…

    I decided there must be a straightforward solution to this as I can’t be the only person in the world who has created a WordPress site where front-end users can upload images from their mobile devices?! But the best I found (without risking money on something that might not work) was WordPress file upload. I haven’t tested if it even works yet but even it does I can’t see how I could integrate it with ACF and therefore include it in my front-end form!

    Please, put me out of my misery and point me in the right direction as to how I should tackle this – and if it’s not something I can resolve within ACF some pointers at least as to where I should be looking would be very gratefully received because if I can’t resolve it then I’ll have to rethink the entire set-up and I really, really don’t want to have to do that!

    Thank you in advance!

  • It’s really hard to think no one else had this problem in all this time. I’m in the same exact spot you are @hopkirk.
    I’ve been the last month trying every single frontend form out there and with everyone there is a BIG problem.

    With ACF is not being able to exclude terms in the taxonomy list (which can be worked around by using ACF extended) and this gallery in mobile issue, which is really something important.

    Just to add up a little more information. From android, it does NOT work. When you tap on an image, nothing happens. From iOS the pop up appears, but because of the CSS misplacing, you can not delete the image.

    If anyone has a solution to this, I will be very, very grateful.

  • Are you talking about an image field or a gallery field?

    When you are testing are you logged in or logged out?

    I just did a quick test with an image field from an android phone in FireFox browser and was able to successfully upload an image. The only issue I had was that the “upload” tab was sorta missing when the WP image select screen appeared, but I was able to tap to the left of the media gallery tab and the upload screen appeared.

  • Hi, I appreciate your time and help!

    I’m trying to remove images already uploaded to a gallery.

    The upload part works perfectly. But when I try to remove an image from a gallery field, no matter how much I tap on it, the screen which shows the alt text, description and also the “remove” text, never shows up.

    I tried logged in or out, I believe it’s just a matter of where the “touchable” part is placed. In Desktop works fine, but in a mobile there is no way to do it.

  • See the other thread you started, you should be able to make the icons always visible with custom CSS. This is a problem with mobile because there is not “hover” state.

  • Thanks again for the reply @hube2
    I will try to sum up here the issue I’m facing.

    I can not remove images of a gallery via mobile.
    I use many css codes and all work fine, this one is not making any change on my end.

    I already contacted support, and they were very kind in guiding me. But I keep finding myself unable to simply remove an image from a gallery.

    In iOS when I click the image, the details screen shows, but due to css placing I can not click the delete text.

    In android phones, touching the pic does nothing.

    I don’t want to waste your time, but if I could see a video in which the remove X icons are visible in the mobile version, that’d be great! I assume that is what you were stating in the other thread, right?

    Again thanks for your responses!

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