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Upload to diffrent folder

  • Hi would i be possible to get a gallery upload field that uploads to a specified folder

    E.G im using a sliding background parallax style page template and all the background images are set in the css ( background-image:(url….)

    at the moment its not very user friendly whith changing the images in the upload folder

    waht i want to achive is a gallery field on the page edit screen that uploads the files to a folder in the theme folder wher the css class will the grab the images

  • It sounds like your trying to do too much hacking with the core functionality here. Uploading to a custom folder would actually be messing with WP’s system, not really ACF’s.

    I’d recommend you leave the system as-is and just grab the gallery images in your template file, creating the CSS on the fly right there. You wouldn’t be able to place this CSS in style.css but you’d have the ability to adjust the images from the gallery field and maintain the flexibility you want.

  • Figured out how to do what i wanted dirrently

    header(“Content-type: text/css; charset: UTF-8”);
    section.module.parallax-2 {
    background-image:url(“<?php the_field(‘bg1’); ?>”);

    section.module.parallax-3 {
    background-image:url(“<?php the_field(‘bg2’); ?>”);

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