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Upload Image – Non Logged In User

  • I have a front end form that pushes information into a custom post type.
    When logged in, I am able to insert media through both the image uploader and a repeater image uploader.
    If I try to upload an image when I am not logged in, the WordPress popup dialog comes up – it appears to upload (blue bar increases) – but results in an error on the media page.
    Is this even possible to do or does the user have to be logged in?
    I’m using ACF v4.3.9

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have you had any luck so far? I’m stuck with the same issue and been looking for alternative solution.

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  • Hi @bigfuzz

    Thanks for the post.

    In this use case I would recommend that you make use of the basic uploader instead of the wp uploader.

  • Has there anything to allow non-logged in users to upload files from front end.?

  • Hi @acf-support

    I’m having the same issue, what do you mean by using the basic uploader?

    Can you be more specific? Thanks

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