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Upload image button disappears when changing images

  • Hi there,

    I have a problem with a website using ACF (latest version) and WPML plugin (latest version) for translation, although I am not sure if the translation plugin has anything to do with it since I am just newbie trying to do things.

    Initially I uploaded images using the ACF field and everything works. While copying the post to other languages everything is copied, also the images. Now, when changing one or more images in one language sometimes the upload button just disappears in the main language and also in the other languages. What could cause this issue. SInce the button is gone I cannot upload new images in any language. SOmetimes there are one or two buttons missing and the third button is still there.

    I have read other threads but it seems there is no good sollution. Is this a bug? Have more people issues with ACf and WPML? What can I do to make the button appeard again? Lots of questions for this newbie. Thanks ACF experts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, I’m also having this issue with v4.4.1. Once an image has been deleted from the ACF, there’s no ‘Add Image’ button. From a quick look in the developer tools, the ‘ .no-image’ class remains set to ‘display: none’ rather than displaying it.

    I’m not using WPML so that plugin doesn’t seem to be connected to the issue.

  • I still cannot find the anwser to this bug or problem or … I surely could use some help since the site is live!

  • OK, So I have tried this (found it in this forum) and added this css code to input.css

    .acf-image-uploader .view {
    		  width: 150px;
    		  height: 150px;
      		  background-color: #dddddd;

    It works for now but it does not look pretty. So I am still looking for another solution.

  • Hi @remstoffer , I have the same issues, the only option I found, to continue working without touching the plugin. In my theme style.css, I added this line: .no-image {display: block !important; }
    It is not a correct solution…

  • Try this one guys.It’s working for me.

    function create_field( $field )
    		// vars
    		$o = array(
    			'class'		=>	'',
    			'url'		=>	'',
    		if( $field['value'] && is_numeric($field['value']) )
    			$url = wp_get_attachment_image_src($field['value'], $field['preview_size']);
    			if( $url !== false ) {
    				$o['class'] = 'active';
    				$o['url'] = $url[0];

    โ€œEdit this function as above. path is : core/fields/image.php โ€œ

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