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Upgrading to Pro on my live site

  • Hi! I’ve a live site that uses ACF fields A LOT.

    I would like to upgrade to ACF Pro but, as it is an entirely new plugin during the transfer from ACF to ACF Pro, I’m super nervous I might break something. I have several questions regarding this walkthrough (

    1. Am I right to assume that after step 4, ACF Pro will “take precedence” over ACF, and make everything work correctly based on its own code? (as opposed to ACF’s code)
    2. Should I expect things to NOT work until I do step 6?
    3. I’ve a lot of custom coded integrations of ACF fields, etc. Will they work seamlessly after step 4 or 6 ?
    4. Is the license code (step 7) just for updates? Meaning everything should work even before this?

    Thanks! As you can see I’m pretty nervous as it’s pretty high stakes for me, so would really appreciate guidance! 🙂

  • You can safely, and you must, deactivate the free version of ACF.

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