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Upgrading from 2.1.4 to 4

  • As the title says, I have a site that has been upgraded 2.1.4 to v4.

    This is a pretty big jump and a fair amount seems to not be working on the site as a result.
    field groups still exists but all the fields appear to be missing.

    Has anyone been through a similar scenario or can anyone offer some advice in this situation.

    i.e. If we recreate the fields with the same names will the data be restored or will it cause more issues?

    Any advice / insight would be welcome.

  • Hi @seanpre

    Yes, if you re-create the fields with the same names, ACF should read in the dta as per usual.

    I belive v2 used custom tables for the fields. It is neeccessay that this upgrade from v2 to v4 be done in steps from v2 to oldest v2, then to youngest v3, then to oldest v3, then to any v4.

    This I’m guessing is no longer possible as the update has already taken place.

    Please check your database and see if the data of your value still exist in the postmeta table

  • Thanks Elliot

    I restored a DB backup from before the upgrade.
    Sequentially upgraded as you suggested and everything is working perfectly.

    Thanks for the assistance

  • I’m in the same boat at @seanpre, but I’m not sure where to find the interim older versions mentioned in the post. I can’t seem to find a download archive.

    Any help is appreciated!


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  • I´ve the same problem. I´ve tried to follow your steps.
    and I get this message ‘Advanced Custom Fields v3.0.0 requires a database upgrade.’
    i press button
    Migrating Options…
    Migrating Location Rules…
    Migrating Fields… (is stopped in this step)

    if I refresh the browser i receive the same message again

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