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Upgrading and Migrating ACF Lite fields

  • Hi there –

    I’m working with a theme for my client and while the custom field integration with the included ACF Lite files is extensive (and impressive if not frightening lol) it’s built on an older version and we would like to edit some fields, remove others, and add a few more.

    This developer had used the Lite version of the plugin with a couple premium addons. My client (and I) are happy to purchase the premium addons to accomplish this but I’ve looked and just can’t see the best way to go about upgrading and migrating the data.

    Could you advise me of the best way (if it’s possible) to migrate the data to an upgraded ACF? I am newer to using ACF beyond basic custom field creation/use but I did search through the forums and Google before posting. The fields are integrated within the site to such a degree that I can’t just remove the previous ACF Lite and comment out the “require_once” lines in the functions.php – while that will get me into the admin area (Yay!) it results in the site throwing an error because of all the “get_field” requests. I would just try to recreate them but there are over 100 (at least) fields and I would love to avoid it if at all possible. Especially since I’m not the one who originally created them all.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    Katrina “Kat” Moody

  • Hi @katmoody

    The ‘lite version’ you speak of was the first attempt at a theme ready ACF. It is basically ACF v3 with a few admin files removed.

    Nowadays, ACF is in v4 and contains a constant ACF_LITE which can be defined to enable this mode.

    What you will need to do is remove the require code that is including acf lite. The wp-admin should still work correctly. If not, you will need to find any ACF code in the theme’s functions.php file and comment it out temporarily.
    Head over to the plugins admin page and download the latest ACF v4.

    Your fields are most likely not saved in the DB, but instead saved to a file which will be included somewhere in your theme. I’m not sure if there is a way to migrate this file data into the DB so you can edit it, but that will be up to you.

    Good luck


  • Hi @katmoody please give feedback how you solved this issue. It would be valuable for the community.

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