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Upgrade to ACF PRO ?

  • I have a site with an old ACF v.4.4.12
    ACF: Options Page 2.1.0
    ACF: Repeater Field 2.1.0

    If I just upgrade to ACF v.5.7.7 there seems to be problems.
    Would it be better to upgrade to ACF PRO where I suppose these extras are included?
    How is the procedure to do this without losing current data?
    I ask because I do not want to risk something unforeseen happening.

    The server is a Ubuntu server 16.04 with these plugins among others:
    WPML Multilingual CMS v.4.0.7
    WPML String Translation v.2.8.7
    WPML Translation Management v.2.6.7
    Yoast SEO 8.3

  • The upgrade to pro will have the same issues if you have issues upgrading the free version. The developer has done testing and most of the time there has been no issue. Some people do have issues.

    If you want to move to pro I would only do that after successfully upgrading to 5.

    You should always back up your database before doing the update.

    The upgrade instructions are here

    There are troubleshooting tips at the end.

    If you are still having trouble then you should contact support, links are in the troubleshooting tips, and they will help people that are having issues.

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