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Upgrade problems: new ids and duplicates

  • For the most part I have been using ACF 5 only on new sites, because it has been hard to get all of the add ons and custom fields updated on existing sites to get them upgraded. Starting to upgrade sites that exist using 4 currently, and I am running into a couple of problems.

    First, it rebuilds EVERYTHING from scratch. During the upgrade, it deletes all of my field groups and fields and then adds them again. This is a bit frustrating, because now they all have new ids. All of my front end forms are now out of sync. While annoying, I can deal with it, by updating them in the templates. This can get crazy tedious though on some of my bigger sites where we are use a LOT of field groups…

    Second, it always duplicates all of my fields. This is unworkable… It is really messing things up. I am not feeling like the 5.0 upgrade process is ready for production currently…

    Still works FANTASTIC on new sites though. Beyond upgrades, the update is really really nice. Thanks for all of your work so far.

  • Hi @jcow

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you please elaborate on a few things?

    – During the upgrade, it deletes all of my field groups and fields and then adds them again

    – All of my front end forms are now out of sync

    – Second, it always duplicates all of my fields

    Thanks mate. With some more info about these I can replicate the issue and get it fixed

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  • Hi @jcow

    Thanks for the screenshots and login, however, I can’t get to the wp-admin page. It just redirects me to the home page.

    I now understand the issue. Yes, when upgrading to ACF5, your field group ID’s will change. This is due to the old v4 data being left in the DB and new v5 data being created. This allows you to safely downgrade to v4 if necessary because all previous field data still exists.

    You will need to update the ID’s where you have used them (acf_form)

    As for the duplication issue, I am not sure what is causing this. Is it possible that you have 2 copies of ACF PRO (plugin and within theme)? Perhaps the migration is running twice? I am not sure as of yet

  • I also had the duplication issue when trying to upgrade from 4 to 5. Would it being a network activated plugin in a multisite installation cause this issue?

  • Hi @cpeckens

    Hmmm.. I’m not sure, but it sounds like a possible reason. @jcow do you have a multi-site setup?

  • It is not a multisite. I will make another pass at getting the field group ids updated manually through out the code now that I understand why it is necessary, which makes sense.

    Hopefully I can get the duplication issue worked out. It might not be the end of the world if I just have to delete the duplicates manually since they are all new fields in new groups anyways.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Nothing I have tried has worked so far. Turned off all of the plugins except acf pro. Changed the theme to twentyfourteen. Deleted post revisions.

    Manually deleting duplicates now…

  • I will say I have upgraded other sites without much trouble at all. So I am not sure what is up with this site. I haven’t done a lot of the development, just a few pieces, so there is some mystery…

    Thanks for the help. Will let you know if I ever figure it out. It might have to stay on four for the moment though. There is a lot of customization to work through, and a lot of front end forms.

  • Hi @jcow

    Thanks for all the feedback. I’m glad that you other upgrades have gone smoothly, and can only apologize for the unknown issue you are facing with the original site.

    If you find any info which may point to the problem or solution, please let me know.


  • I got duplicates too, I just manually deleted them, so far it doesn’t seem like there have been any issues deleting the dupes. I couldn’t figure out why it did this. I disabled the non pro version before upgrading the database.

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