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Upgrade Database won't complete

  • Hi there,

    I noticed someone had a similar issue but mine might be a bit different. I’m trying to do the database upgrade on a client’s site with ACF Pro. This is a powerful dedicated server and PHP has allocated 512MB of RAM and still when trying to update it’s running out of memory as indicated in the error log. The issue is most likely the 10s of thousands of posts in the database. Yes, there are about 30k posts including custom post types utilized by this plugin. How can I do the database upgrade?

    Thank you!

  • Hi @rivage

    In this case, you need to increase your server memory limit. Please keep in mind that even if you have set the limit to a high value, if your server only has a low memory then the setting won’t do anything. In this case, you need to upgrade your server by contacting your hosting.

    Another option is to clone your site to your local machine and do the database upgrade there. That way you won’t have any limitation. After that, you can replace the database of your live site using the one from your local machine. Please don’t forget to backup your site before doing it.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

  • Well I think upgrading the server just to upgrade this plugin would be pretty silly. I was thinking maybe there was some other manual way to upgrade and for some reason didn’t think raising the memory limit would actually do anything but it did! After setting it to 2 gigs it went through and completed the upgrade. Thank you!

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