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Upgrade Database not working

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to switch to ACF Pro on one of my websites, I created a ‘test’ version of the site to do this in (and I’m glad I did!) but the “Upgrading data to version 5.0.0” screen just hangs forever.

    When I close that and take a look at the Custom Fields, it only did a few.

    If I try to start it again, the same problem happens and I end up with duplicates.

    What can I do? This is preventing me from upgrading.


  • Hi @shauny

    Thanks for the feedback. Are you able to open your console log and run the upgrade process again? What does the AJAX request return? Perhaps an error in the JSON?

  • Hi Elliot

    I think the problem was max_input_vars on the server. I’ll try again soon and let you know.

  • Have the same issue. And in console get this:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

  • Hi, I’ve got similar troubles, but it seems I’m running into ‘max_execution_time’-error.
    As I’m hard pressed to get the value changed on that server, I’d like to know, if there is any chance to do this update ‘bit by bit’ or something like that.

    And I’d like to suggest that the update script should at least show some (meaningless) error-message if the returned ajax isn’t what it should be – an endlessly spinning gif is not really helpful.

    Edit: I managed to get the max_execution_time temporarily raised to 10min and that worked. But I had a lot of of doubled field-groups (quintupled actually) from the earlier tries. And I even had doubled fields in some of them. After deleting those everything seems to work fine, but still that wasn’t a very pleasant experience.
    To be fair, I do love ACF and it still is a great plugin, but somehow this upgrading process should be optimized.

  • I bumped max_execution_time to 20 minutes. No dice. Network connection dropped… admin-ajax.php 🙁 I’ve given up on upgrading any of my MANY pre 5.x client sites. They will be stuck at 4.x forever.

  • I was helped with putting blog into maintance mode….

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