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Updating Pro Version on Multisite

  • I can’t seem to figure out how to update my plugin from to 5.4.3 in a multisite environment. In the plugin Updates screen, it shows update is available with the blue update button, but it takes me to the plugin screen for the single install, and the plugin is network installed.

    Then, if I go to the network install screen, it shows no update is available.

  • There is one of two things going on.

    1 is that you need to update from the same site you activated it on.

    2 is that a few versions ago there was a problem with the automatic update not working. The fix may or may not work for you. I needed to update most of my sites manually to get it working again. Go to your account and download the newest version and upload manually

  • Thanks John.

    I just downloaded the most recent version and uploaded it via FTP. Hope it works going forward. It does seem to be picky on updates…

  • I have a couple of multisite intallations for clients and they all give me headaches when it comes to updating. I know that it will update, because I’ve done it, but I’m not altogether sure what I did differently on the sites where I don’t have a problem.

  • I have lots of multisites with ACF and this inability to update from the sub-site is a bit irritating. Hope that some effort can be put into resolving this.

  • I have not had an issue with this in a very long time. I activate and add the license key on the main site and with that done I am able to update as usual on the multi-site plugin page. But the activation key needs to be entered on the main site.

  • Ahhh, I think you just explained the inconsistency I’d seen with this. (Hadn’t thought about it in great depth, but seems obvious now that you mention it.)

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