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Updating Field Using Javascript API

  • Alright I am trying to update the value of a range slider field using the javascript api. This is what I have so far. Basically this grabs the width of the new column and puts it into a slider that has the class column width. It gets the percentage and everything just fine but after that I tried to update the slider so that is reflects the new percentage in the slider but it doesn’t change. any help is appreciated.

    acf.addAction('append_field/type=range', function(field){
    	/* Gets column width put in through acf */
    	var column_width = field.$el.closest('.theme-column').css( "width").replace("px", "");
    	/* Gets layout class from acf backend code */
    	var layout_width = field.$el.closest('.layout').css('width').replace("px", "");
    	/* Find the width of the new column and put it in the 12 grid system */
    	var column_percent = column_width/layout_width;
    	/* Assign grid width to column width range value */
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