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Updating a field value on all pages when modified on one?

  • Hello,
    I am using ACF to create some custom fields which I display on my pages using shortcodes, for example:

    [vc_acf field_group="623" field_from_623="field_5c142ab4f040c"]

    The thing is, I have three different pages where I am displaying my custom fields but the purpose is the same, to show the same number.
    I would like to know if it’s possible to edit the field on just one of the 3 pages and have them automatically update on the other pages too, without the need for editing each page in part.

    Really been struggling on this one yet have no ideas how I could do that.
    Help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


  • If you have a single value that is shown on all pages, this is what the ACF options page is for. It let’s you set up values on a site that can be used anywhere. Since you are using shortcodes you’d just need to change the post ID in the shortcode [acf field="field_name" post_id="options"]

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