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update_field on a relationship field

  • Hello,
    in the backend of a post I am trying to create another post with custom fields, then add the new post to an existing relationship field in the same set of fields of the first post.

    Something like:
    related_posts (relationship field)

    I created an ACF form to manage related posts, and I would like to create a new related post on the fly in the same form.
    I have a relationship field ‘related_posts’, then a True/False to ask “Do you want to create a new related post?”, conditional fields to write the title of the new post and add some other custom fields.
    In my functions I managed to create the new post on save, but I’m not sure about how can add it to the related posts relationship field.

    If I use this code
    update_field('related_posts', $post_id);
    the new post replaces ALL the posts that I had previously selected in my relationship field. How can I add the new post to the selected old posts, instead?

    Thank you

  • Also, how can I reset/clear the values of previous fields that I used to write the name and other metadata after I save the post?

  • To update an existing relationship field to add a value you first need to get the existing value without formatting and then add the new post ID to it.

    // get current value
    $value = get_field('relationship_field', $post_id, false);
    // add new id to the array
    $value[] = $inserted_post_id
    // update the field
    update_field('relationship_field', $value, $post_id);

    To delete existing values in the current post

    delete_field('some_field', $post_id);
  • Thanks, it worked like a charm!
    Just a note about deleting fields, in case someone needs it:
    to delete a field inside a group i used this formula

    it works even if groups names and fields names already contain underscores, i.e.:
    Group name: my_group
    Field name: my_field
    delete_field('my_group_my_field', $post_id);

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