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update_field() Flex Field in Repeater

  • Hi,

    I’m importing a large amount of data into a custom post type and using ACF to handle the data. Everything from the import works perfectly except for the flexible content fields in a repeater. What’s even a bit more confusing is that when i define the “acf_fc_layout” that comes through, but the actual content of the field doesn’t. In this scenario, the flex field in the repeater is named “finish”

    $final_quote["finish"][] = array("finish_name_text"=>"some text", "acf_fc_layout"=>"finish_name");

    the “finish_name_text” just doesn’t get passed while everything else does. I’m up to date on all plugins and the data saves when i manually enter it in on the admin side, but not programatically.

  • Also, I just checked the database and when I’ve added the Flex Field programmatically the meta key is “quote_items_0_finish_0_” whereas when i add it manually the meta key is “quote_items_0_finish_0_finish_name_text”. Seems like this may be the culprit.

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