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update_field and switch_to_blog

  • I’m trying to use a form on one site to save some ACF values to a post on another site from a front-end form (all in the same multi-sites installation of course). For some reason I can’t seem to get the values to save. Can I use update_field after I’ve called switch_to_blog? Or is it too late at that point?

    Here’s the code I’m attempting to use. It’s all wrapped in a ‘gform_after_submission’ call (from Gravity Forms). I’ve confirmed that the GF hook is working properly, and that all the values are getting passed in the Entry object properly…

    //Switch to the school's blog 
            $school_blog = $entry[2];
    		$post_id = $entry[1];
    		if (update_field( 'field_5215741f54e1f', $entry[3], $post_id )) { //Win or Loss	
    			update_field( 'field_5215744854e20', $entry[4], $post_id ); //Our Score
    			update_field( 'field_5215746754e21', $entry[5], $post_id ); //Opponent Score	
    		} else {
    			die('Sorry, but the score couldn\'t be updated. Please try again later.');
    		// Restore Original Post Data
  • Just an update – I tried to do this without any Gravity Forms code at all to see if that might be the problem – I just created a simple form in one page template and submitted it to another page, with a template to process the form. Still no dice. I’m thinking this is a conflict with switch_to_blog() and update_field()

    $channel_blog = $_POST['channel_blog'];
    $event_id = $_POST['event_id'];
    $win_loss = $_POST['win_loss'];
    $our_score = $_POST['our_score'];
    $opponent_score = $_POST['opponent_score'];
    //Switch to the school's blog 
    update_field('field_5215741f54e1f', $win_loss, $event_id ); // Win/Loss
    update_field('field_5215744854e20', $our_score, $event_id ); // Our Score
    update_field('field_5215746754e21', $opponent_score, $event_id ); // Opponent Score
    // Restore Original Post Data
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