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Update to ACF PRO on a multisite WP

  • Hi. I open this thread specially because there is no info about ACF PRO support for multisite environments.

    I tried to find some light in documentation with no luck. By the way I also found others users posts about this concern, but the answers were all but explanatory.

    I have a personal licence of ACF PRO, and I want to know a very simple thing: Can I update my Multisite WP with ACF 4.3.8 => to ACF PRO 5.x.x? Is the update process ready to lead with multisite settings?

    If ACF PRO is not ready for multisite updates, please can you explain how to set a multisite databasse manually to ACF PRO works with no problem? Or how the database have to ideally stay at the end?

    I want to know this because I have to update a multisite website with heavy use of ACF. The database is huge, and an issue during the update process could lead to big problems, and therefore lost time to solve that problems.

    I want to buy the developer licence, but I’m using multisite settings in practically all my sites. Please, I need an answer.


    My current settings: Multisite WP 3.9.2 (2 sub-directories), ACF 4.3.8, ACF Gallery Addon 1.1.1, NO OTHER PLUGINS AND NO WP HACKS.

    PS: ACF 4 works with multisite WP! why on earth you didn’t clarify that in the documentation? Please, if there are multisite support in ACF PRO, consider writing somthing about that in the update process (v4 to v5), also in general documentation.

  • 2 weeks and no response… Please if there is no multisite-support at least clarify that info in documentation. Please as a customer I want an answer. Thanks.

  • Hi @Giu Tae Kim

    Thanks for the question. Honestly, I have not yet done much testing with multi-site, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Multi-site does not change any meta functions, so ACF PRO should work just fine.

    Currently, ACF PRO requires a DB upgrade from ACF v4. This upgrade will only run on the current website (no multi-site compatibility yet). You will need to login to each sub site and run the DB upgrade prompt.

    That should be it!


  • Is this still the case? I am reluctant to use v5 if upgrading is going to be this tedious.

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