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Update to ACF Pro makes themed fields disappear

  • I took on an older website with ACF 4.3.7 and
    location field 1.0
    taxonomy field 1.4
    flexible content field 1.1.1
    gallery field 1.1.1
    options field 1.2.0
    repeater field 1.1.1

    First updated it to ACF 4.4.2 and then to ACF Pro 5.2.5. I don’t have access to the older, but later in series, standalone premium plugins, although I gather that incremental updates are the way to deal with these situations. Now especially my repeater fields have disappeared from the theme, but all the data is still there on the back end admin panels.

    These return bool(false) and NULL respectively:

    <?php var_dump(get_field(‘client-list-module’));

    Resaving the posts does not get anything to appear in the theme.

    For the broken image fields this works to get them to theme:
    $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_field(‘main-bio-photo’), ‘full’);?>

    Some of these are on custom post types that I had to recreate programmatically due to another dead plugin. Are there any attributes of a custom post type that would block the_field() from working? Are there any clues in the database that could help?

    Thank you!

  • Do you know if the fields were working after the update to 4.4.2 and before the update to 5?

  • I don’t think they worked. I had to start over the migration due to a Mysql error and saw again at the 4.4.2 point the renderings are blank (although the data remains visible on the edit side).

  • Are the field groups on the site added in the admin, listing in the field groups for the site or are they added in the code of the theme?

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