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Update to 5.11 cloned repeater field returns empty array

  • After updating to 5.11 the output from a cloned repeater get_field changed to:

        [field_5eb009ab7326d_field_593a81a41c9f6] => 

    So cannot loop with for each anymore. using the_row with get_sub_field works as expected though and I can see the data when looping this way.

    Any ideas why this would return as above with get_field?

  • Can you supply a portion the code that was working and now isn’t?

  • Sure, have condensed:

    $disclaimers = get_field(‘disclaimers’);

    if( !empty($disclaimers) ) {
    		foreach( $disclaimers as $disclaimer ) {
    		$disclaim_type = $disclaimer['disclaimer'];
    		#then looping through to generate a string

    This get_field gives an empty array as above in first post. So the foreach loop fails.

    If I do like this I can see the data as expected:

    if( have_rows('disclaimers') ) {
    		while( have_rows('disclaimers') ) {
    			// vars
    			$disclaimer = get_sub_field('disclaimer');

    I rolled back to version 5.10.2 and the first foreach snippet worked again.

  • I have a site that uses clone fields in exactly the same way that I just updated and everything is working as expected.

    I need to know more information about your code. Is this called in the template file? is it in a plugin files? When is it called? Is it possible that this is called before the acf/init action has fired?

  • Thanks for asking the right questions. I looked deeper and was trying get_field first and then if that returned nothing trying get_sub_field. This output must have been updated within the update so have updated it to account for this.

    Thanks for your help!

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