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Update separate field dynamically after updating another

  • So, the thing I want to achieve and having zero luck in doing (my knowledge is very new and limited, I’m just starting to learn so apologises) is creating a button on the front end of my site to clear all fields on that page.

    What I’m doing is making a web-to-print service, so I have an options page custom field which the client can update information in to and add new items.
    These then get dynamically put into a checkbox choices field, then they’re displayed on the front end of the site with acf_form(). This allows them to add new flexible fields in that have the dynamic choices in them. But I want them to be able to clear these values and start fresh because, and this is a long because…
    – Every time the client updates the information in the options page custom field, it unchecks the value in the front end checkbox, so they need to click it again then update to get the new value. If there’s a way of dynamically updating these values when the options page is updated that would be ideal, but I’m at a total loss for what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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