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Update row in repeater for options

  • Hi, Anyone can help me to update row in repeator for options in the loop?

    I was trying few things…

    while ( have_rows('samplerepeater','option') ) : the_row();
    // 1)
    update_sub_field('samplefield1', 'lorem');
    // 2)
    update_sub_field('samplefield1', 'lorem','option');
    // 3)
    update_sub_field('samplefield1', 'lorem','options');
    $newval[] = array('samplefield1' => 'lorem1', 'samplefield2' => 'lorem2');
    // 4)
    update_sub_field( 'samplerepeater', $newval,'option');
    // 5)
    update_sub_field( 'samplerepeater', $newval,'options');
    // 6)
    update_sub_field( 'samplerepeater', $newval);

    and nothing want work 🙁 any ideas?

  • nobody? is that mean that ACF has a bug so cannot update it?

  • Can you be a little clearer and give additional information on what you’re trying to do?

    The first 3 statements inside of your while all appear to be updating the same field, then you are trying to use update_sub_field to update the same repeater you’re trying to loop through.

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