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Update Repeater Sub Field

  • How i can update a value of single sub field of repeater of each post. It’s vary urgent…

  • Hi @nitins

    1. Use the get_posts function to return all the posts you want
    2. Loop over the posts
    3. For each post, update the value

    To update the value, either use a WP function such as update_post_meta or the ACF function update_field.

    Please note that update_field will only work to update a repeater field, not a sub field within a repeater.

    Saving a repeater field:


  • actually in my project, everytime a post is opened, a single sub-field is displayed based on some logic.. and everytime it is being displayed, a counter in that gets incremented.. In order to increment the counter, I need to update only that particular sub-field, keeping all others same… is this possible?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi @nitins

    Yes, it is possible to update a sub field via the comment I left above.

    Your last comment is hard to understand. Perhaps you can elaborate more clearly to what exactly you would like to do step by step


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