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Update problems

  • Since last month(s) I have regular problems with updating my PRO. It says “Bad request”.

  • I’ve got the same problem on many of my website. From time to time, I can update some websites with ACF installed but most of my sites stuck at an old version of ACF Pro. Firebug shows a HTTP-Status-Code 200 but the header of the answer shows, that there is no success to fetch that update.

    HTTP-Header answer:

       "data": {
          "oldVersion":"Version 5.2.9",
          "error":"Plugin-Aktualisierung fehlgeschlagen."
  • For problems of this type you’d probably be better off opening a new support ticket if you haven’t already done so.

  • Hi there,

    As I experienced the same problem on many websites I manage, I found that deactivate then reactivate ACF Pro licence allows me to restore the update feature for concerned projects (mailnly OVH servers and localy hosted websites).
    I often start a new project from a clone of a preconfigured WP install (files, plugins and parameters) containing ACF Pro already activated, so deactivate/reactivate solved this in my case.

    Hope it helps!

  • @kireip Your advice is working like a charm! Generally, I use “Duplicator” to copy a local installation to my web server. Maybe, it results in the same conflict how you described. After deactivating and reentering the PRO-License I can update all installations of ACF Pro.

    Thank you very much!

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