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Update package not available

  • Hi,

    after I’ve updated a WordPress-Multistite-Installation to WP 4.7.1, I’ve tried to update “Advanced Custom Fields PRO” to the newest version. It doesn’t work and I’ve got this error message:

    Update package not available

    I switched off all other plugins. The same.

    I would install the plugin by hand, but when I download the current version, the directory has the name “advanced-custom-fields”. But the directory that I currently have on the server has the name: advanced-custom-fields-pro. I don’t want to overwrite something in the wrong way.

    How do I have to proceed exactly now, so I have no data loss?

  • Hi @anyway

    It looks like you still have the free version of ACF installed and that is why you have the advanced-custom-fields folder. You will need to follow the upgrade instructions on this page: to ensure that there is no data loss after doing the FTP update.

  • Okay, I think this is a misunderstanding. This is a fairly new WP installation, with a fairly new plugin. The directory name on my server is: “advanced-custom-fields-pro”. But when I download this file:, there is a directory called “advanced-custom-fields” inside, without the -pro. I think I cannot overwrite one with the other. I have ACF Pro (Developer license) installed and it’s working fine so far, except the “Update package not available” error.

  • Might it be possible that “Update package not available” is simply a bug? I’m using ACF for a very long time now and I’ve never experienced that.

  • Hi @anyway

    For the PRO version, the folder should be “advanced-custom-fields-pro”. It’s possible that there’s something on your site that prevents the update process. Could you please check if your server is behind a firewall? Could you please check the connection from your server to You should be able to check it by pinging the ACF server from your server.

    If you want to update it manually, you can download the latest version from You can simply delete the old plugin and then install the one you’ve downloaded. Please don’t forget to backup your site first before changing anything.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks for your support, James. I could solve the “problem” now. It was just a missing licence code inside a multisite environment…

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