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update multiple nested repeaters programmatically

  • Hey,

    I have a field that looks like this:

    field (group)
    ==== repeater1
    ======== text
    ======== repeater2
    ============ post object field
    ============ repeater3
    ================ number
    ================ taxonomy

    I’m writing a migration script and I need to populate the above fields.
    I tried add_row, add_sub_row, update_field but nothing works.
    I saw this answer in SO where it says you need to use update_field if there are no rows and add_row if there are.

    So I tried this:

    $res = update_field(
            // parent group field
                // repeater1
                'ingredients_groups' => [

    and a row was added to ‘ingredients_groups’ but I don’t know how to add
    rows to the other nested repeaters.
    Do I need to specify the full path when calling update_field like this:




  • OK got it to work.
    I used update_field() to add the first row with all the sub fields and nested repeater as arrays.
    For the next rows I fetched the entire parent group field using get_field()
    and appended the row as array.

  • If this was me I would probably loop through all of the content you are getting and build the entire repeater with all rows and then just use update_field to store the entire thing and skip adding all of the other rows one at a time. You do not have to use add row.

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