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Update custom post type from user profile

  • I’ve created a custom post type called “Members”. The post type has WP native taxonomies associated to it in addition to some ACF text fields.

    When a new member joins, admin creates a page via the “Members” custom post type, completes the fields and checks the relevant taxonomies.

    Admin then registers the member as a subscriber via WP Admin > Users and sends them the login information.

    When the member (subscriber) logs in, I’d like them to have the ability to edit the fields for their created member page via the WP Profile.

    How would I achieve this? I’ve got as far as getting the fields to show up via the WP Profile, but I can’t figure out how to pass the data to a specific given page.

    I’m aware I can achieve this using a front-end form, but I’d like to avoid this to save re-configuring the WP login process.

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