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Update Custom Field from Webhooks

  • Hi all,
    there is a way to update any custom fields in a custom post from webhook (or somethings like webook)?
    I try to use zapier or or ifttt but all of this service have only the option to create a new post or new media. I vould update a single custom fields.

    Example of my application:

    I have created a custom post named “Customers” and any customares have a Checkbox Custom fields named “Autorenew”.
    I hope to sent an email to my customers with a link and this one disable the checkbox and / or set custom field date of request.

    Thanks for support.

  • There isn’t anything in ACF that will let you do this. You’d need to build something custom. There are several possibilities. For example you might be about to use the REST API or you could build something using AJAX to name 2. Off the top of my head I don’t know of any examples of doing what you want.

  • @wario9k were you able to come up with a solution? I’m looking at trying to do something similar.

    is there documentation on the ACF API somewhere? Or do you mean the WordPress API?

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