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Update block preview on post title/fields change

  • Greeting! I have a question regardin the block preview update. Imagine an ACF Block displaying 3 pieces of information:

    – The post title via get_the_title().
    – A text field in the document/post scope via get_field( ‘field’, $post_id ).
    – A text field inside of the block via get_field( ‘field’ ).

    While editing the block field, the preview is constantly updated. That’s great but unfortunately the same doesn’t apply for the other two: in order for the preview to be updated I need to save the post and then reload the page. Is there any other way?

  • Wondering this as well. So far I can only get the title of the block (same as title of the post) to update when I refresh the page.

  • I thought it through a bit and came up with the code below. It works for my block, only on the back-end because we’re just using PHP on the front-end.

    if (is_admin()) { ?>
      document.querySelector('.editor-post-title__input').addEventListener('input', (e) => {
       var title =;
       document.querySelector('.SELECTOR-OF-ELEMENT-YOU-WANT-TO-CHANGE').innerHTML = title;
    <?php }
  • Block only containing Inner Blocks selected appearance in editor. 0; Gutenberg ยท 16 hours, … Update block preview on post title/fields change.

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