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Update ACF field when WooCommerce subscription renews?

  • Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to update an ACF field whenever a WooCommerce subscription is renewed?

    I need a custom user field (a number field) to have 1 added every time a subscription renewal order is processed.

    The goal is to create a credit system where 1 credit is added every time a customer renews their membership subscription. However, the maximum amount of credits is 2. So if they already have 2 credits, another will not be added.

    Credits will be manually subtracted on the blackened when redeemed.

    Any ideas or pointers on how to get something like this going? Thanks!

  • What plugin are you using for subscriptions?
    Is there a hook that fires when a subscription is renewed?
    Is “subscription” a post type that can have ACF fields added to it?

  • I am using WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce subscriptions. I’m not sure if there is a hook but I’ll look at the documentation and see if I can find something.

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