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Update ACF Changes / add new sub-field

  • Helo together,

    if i will add a new Sub-Filed to my custom field layout, wordpress do not save it.
    In my case i have 16 sub-fields. I need 8 additional sub-fields.
    Because i need 8 sub-fields to show 1 curriculum vitae.
    Now i have 16 sub-fields -> it’s enough to show 2 curriculum vitae.
    For a 3rd Person and his CV, i need the additional 8 sub-fields.

    But if i attempt to add this fields, wordpress do not update.

    At the beginning of my case it looks so:

    Now i want to add 3 Sub-fields

    The result after update

    Do anybody have an idea?
    What for me look strange is, that i have the “Field-Typ” in English and now in German.
    Maybe it’s now the problem, the the is no relationship with the image typing in german “bild”?

    But why i have now the choice to take “Bild” as a field-type?

    it would be great, if someone could help me.

    kind regards

  • Hi @freakymiky

    Just to clarify, the issue is that you can’t svae any more than 16 sub fields when editing an ACF field group.

    This is most likely due to a server limitation. You can only posts so many variables in one go, and this is why you are not able to save all the data on the page.

    What you will need to do is split the fields into 2 field groups. This way you can save half the data


  • Hi Elliot,

    thank you for your post.
    Unfortunately it can not be the reason.

    In other FieldGroups i do have more Subfields than 16.
    like here

    I suppose, the problem is the the caption of the field-type in german, now.

    Could the relationship in the database be the problem?
    I mean that, if in the database where ACF save their options like the field-types, the field-type are stored in english (textfield, mail, image) and now i can only choose the field-type in german (textfeld, email, bild) when i want add a sub-field.

    i hope you understand want i mean?

    thans…and kind regards

  • Hi @freakymiky

    Sorry, I just can’t understand what the issue could be.

    If you create a new field group, do you have the same issues?
    Did you do use duplication to create any of the fields? Could this be the issue?

    I don’t understand why some fields are not showing as translated strings, it makes no sense.

    Do you have any field groups registered via PHP in your theme?

  • Hi Elliot,

    Yes, if i create a new field group, i have the same failure.
    I did use duplication to create the fields, but now i did test it without duplication, but the same failure appear.

    No, i think i don’t registered a fieldgroup via php.

    I am realy frustrated….because 95% of the Website is ready.
    And now it looks like, i have to build it once again.

    Can i debug the the “update process”?
    Maybe i could catch a “message about the error” in a array or something like. Do you now wich php-files is responsible for the acf-update button?

  • Hi,

    so i know what my problem is.
    It looks like acf have a limitation over all subfields.

    I did delete one field-group with 16 subfield.
    It was responsible for a 4 coluns-Layout in a old template from me.
    Now i am able to add ne sub-fields or a new field-group.

    My first idea was, to delete 3 subfields.
    After i delete it, i could add 3 subfields but not more.
    If delete 4 subfield -> i could add 4 new.
    And suddenly i did delete one complete field-group, so my problem is fixed.

    But why acv have a limitation?

    kind regards

  • Hi @freakymiky

    If you check the code you will find that ACF does NOT have any limitation on the number of sub fields.

    The only limitation is server based. All servers have different limits on the number of variables that are able to be posted / saved / used. Perhaps you were hitting a server PHP or max_vars limit?


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