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Universal custom fields

  • Hi everyone, I have been looking for discussions about it but I could not find anything, so I hope not to open a “useless” discussion.
    I am using the free version of this fantastic plugin, and I have a particular need. In the sites I create for my clients there are always areas that show classic data such as telephone number, email, addresses and links to social networks. I use the Divi theme which provides the so-called dynamic elements, thanks to which I can also automatically recall the values ​​of the fields that you create with Advanced Custom Fields.
    In my case, however, the data is always the same on all the pages I create, as well as in the footer and in the menu, so I would like to know if there is, perhaps in the pro version, the possibility of creating universal fields which, once filled in, are the same for all pages of the site. In fact, in the current setting, I would have to re-enter the values ​​of the fields created in each of the pages, and it is certainly not the fastest thing since the data is always the same.
    I hope I have explained myself well and that someone can help me!

  • ACF Pro includes ACF Options Page, it allows created options that can be used on any page, but I do not know how this would work with Divi.

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