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Unique value constraints

  • I am utilizing your plugin for a specific use of an access pin (among other things) and it is working great. However, part of what I am doing needs to have the access pin (form value) be unique. I may build this into the plugin myself but i think it would be a nice improvement as I can see a lot of use cases why someone may need this.

  • Hi @rddesigns

    Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘access pin’. Would you mind elaborating more on this and why it would be useful?

  • Reading over your topic again, I may have miss understood the feedback.

    I wonder if you could use the save_post action to first check that the values posted are unique. If not, you could then redirect the browser or find another way to abort the save.

  • My apologies, my head is wrapped around my goal. The access_pin is just a field that will be unique to a specific category. Do you have any examples of using the save_post action?

  • Yep, you can jump over to the documentation page to view the actions / filters available.

    Or just use the search above for acf/save_post

  • Thank you for your help

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