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Unique Post Object Relation in Repeater Fields

  • I’ve three CPTs

    • Services [svc]
    • Locations [loc]
    • Organizations [org]

    I’ve a set of Services added to [svc] and a list of cities added in [org] CPT.

    While adding an [org] I’m using a repeater field to add multiple [svc] as post object field and [loc]s as relationship field.

    I’m trying to achieve two validation checks ..
    1 – A service [svc] once selected in one repeater field should not appear in the next repeater field.
    2 – If another organization has already selected a service [svc] and a specific location [loc] under it, that specific location [loc] shouldn’t show up under the same service [svc]

    For reference, attaching the field export file as well!

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