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Unique combinations from two checkbox fields

  • I have two checkbox fields:

    AAA (with the choices A, B, C)
    BBB (with the choices 10, 20, 30)

    In made in the front end the followoing choices:

    In AAA: A, B
    In BBB: 20, 30

    Now I want to calculate the unique combinations, so I want (as text): A20, B20, B20, B30, also A20 B20 B20 B30 will do, the comma is not needed.
    I made this:

    function class_tijd($post_id)
        $class = get_field('AAA');
        $tijd = get_field('BBB');
       foreach ($class as $value1) {
        	$value1 = implode(' ', $class);
        		foreach ($tijd as $value2) {
        			$value2 = implode(' ', $tijd);
        	$value = $value1 . $value2;	
        $field_name = "classtijd";
        update_field($field_name, $value, $post_id);

    The result I get is: A B20 30

    I found out that I could solve yhis with possible array_merge, but can not find the right way to get it done. Any ideas?

  • The only way to do this is to loop through one array and a nested loop through the second array and concatenate each value individually. There is no single php function that will automatically do this work.

    $class = get_field('AAA');
    $tijd = get_field('BBB');
    $value = array();
    foreach ($class as $a) {
      foreach ($tijd as $b) {
        $value[] = $a.$b;
    $value = implode(', ', $value);
  • Thanks a lot, that was the solution I was looking for!


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