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Unicode problem

  • I’m trying to create fields with letters “ə”, “ü”, “ş”, “ç”, “ğ”, “ı”, but not works.

    This is screenshot while adding:

    After publishing (updating):

  • I solved this problem myself.

    in /plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/fields/_functions.php Line: 330
    change maybe_unserialize() to unserialize()


    $field = maybe_unserialize( $field );
    $field = maybe_unserialize( $field ); // run again for WPML


    $field = unserialize( $field );
    $field = maybe_unserialize( $field ); // run again for WPML
  • Hi @capitol

    I’m glad your solution works for you however, it will not be rolled out into the core updates as this could have catastrophic issues across different servers.

  • @eliiot ,
    Which catastrophic issues I can face after this?

  • Hi @capitol

    If the value is not a serialized array, your code will cause a PHP error and the website will crash

  • I’m facing that problem right now, any idea how to fix it the right way ?

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