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  • Mate, it seems as though you’ve created a great car, looks like a Ferrari and goes like one. But when a bloke comes over to drive it, it doesn’t have an ignition. And the manual tells him that unless he knows how to spark the motor, he won’t be able to drive it. So he’s got to go away and learn, which he doesn’t have the time nor inclination for, all the info about making the beautiful car go, when all he wants is the key to turn the car over.

    All I want is to get the website up and running. How can your otherwise excellent ACF get displayed on the website? I don’t want any code!

  • unfortunately your analogy is off base, people using ACF are not end users. They are not the people driving the Ferrari. You have missed out the crucial step of going through a “dealer”(Developer). you bought a car and are going to the manufacturer to learn how to “drive”(code)

    -Ferrari wont teach you to drive
    -ACF wont teach you basic coding (although the documentation almost does)

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