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Unable to update

  • I have inherited a website that uses a custom theme built on ACF Pro. The version that is currently installed is 5.7.7 and I would like to bring it up to date. My problem is that I don’t see ACF on my plugins list and I don’t see the updates/licensing page in the Custom Fields menu. I suspect that this is the result of something the theme designer did but I can’t find any flags that would do this.

  • If you don’t see ACF in the list of plugins this generally means that ACF is installed as part of the plugin. Look in your theme to see if it is there. If it is then you will not be able to update ACF using the plugin updater on the plugins pages….

    You will need to install in normally. Installing ACF normally will override the version in the theme as long as the theme author did it correctly.

    As far as not seeing it in the admin menu check this

  • I can see the admin menu but I can’t see the updates/licensing section inside it.

  • Are you sure that ACF Pro is installed? It does not sound that way.

  • When I open the admin menu it says this in the box to the right of my Field Groups:

    Advanced Custom Fields PRO
    Customise WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive fields.

    See what’s new in version 5.7.7.

  • I do not know how the developer hid only that part of the admin menu.

    I would start by searching the theme files for actions added to the ‘admin_menu’ hook.

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