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Unable to update ACF 5 from within WP

  • When I try to update ACF from the WP update screen, here’s what I get:

    Downloading update from…
    An error occurred while updating Advanced Custom Fields Pro: Download failed. Bad Request

    What’s weird is that when I run the update on my local site — same code, same db, same plugins — the update works. So I figure it’s probably some server configuration issue. I know that my local machine is running PHP 5.3 and my live server is running PHP 5.4.

    I’d like to debug this more, but I don’t really know which direction to head. Any idea on why I’m consistently hitting this error?

  • Are you sure you have the license key entered into the site that is not updating?

  • Ha! Wow, I feel dumb now. It must have still been using the beta dev license. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but thanks a bunch!

  • Not a problem. I ran into this a couple times and that turned out to be the culprit. 🙂

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