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Unable to save Field If add

  • Hi everyone,

    I just started using acf plugin.
    Im using acf to add custom javascript/jquery in home page.

    My custom field is text area called “jquery_field”

    However, when I try to save(publish), it stuck at Updating and the field is never saved.

    The following is the content that I try to save:
    <script type=”text/javascript”>alert(“testing”);</script>

    But if I try inserting “//testtesttesttesttesttesttest” or “abc123”, the field is saved.

    The issue only happen when “<script>” is added.

    Debug.log content:
    Array to string conversion in /home/memberso/ on line 1111

    Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • I would think the data is sanitized to specifically prevent JS from being entered because this is a major security issue (script injection). The error message suggests that this is an error on the WordPress level, not with ACF itself.

  • Old question, but I’ve never had an issue saving a script that in a text area field. I use them to allow this all the time. When I have had an issue with this it is usually to do another plugin, for example Wordfence, blocking it.

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