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Unable to reorder fields

  • Right, I’ve disabled all my plugins one by one and all collectively, and still cannot work out why my fields are unable to be reordered. Attached is a screenshot of when I click and try to drag the field. I have over 50 fields that I want to sort into tabs but I am unable to move them, when I delete, or recreate, I’m faced with a world of problems my code just spits out the term ‘Array’ on them – Very frustrating. All I wish to do is to move them.

    Any Idea why? I’ve been baffling for hours and read countless threads but ZERO help specific to this exact problem.

  • Hi @owenoneill

    The inability to drag/drop the fields points to a JS error on the page. Please open your console log (firebug / inspector) and report any JS errors. It is possible that the error is coming from your theme.


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