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Unable to limit field group to terms of a post type

  • I want to add a field group that only shows for terms of a particular post type.

    In the field group rules, I should be able to set:

    Taxonomy Term is equal to All
    Post Type is equal to {post type of choice}

    As it is with this logic nothing, it does not show at all.

    It would be nice if rules like this were possible. It shouldn’t be too complicated to do since the post type is set on both term create and edit screens.

  • Taxonomy Term determines if a field groups appears on the term editor page.

    Post Type determines if a field group appear on a post editor page.

    These are mutually exclusive so it cannot be both the term editor and the post editor.


    Post Taxonomy is equal to the taxonomy you want the field do display on for your post type.

  • Thanks John,

    I understand why it’s not working the way I want. This is more of a feature request, not really a bug report. I should have created this thread in that forum.

    What I’m looking for is the ability to define a field group rule for adding a field group to the term add/edit screen for all taxonomies that belong to a specified post type.

  • I’ll mark this for the developer to take a look at, but I can’t say that he’ll add this. Your best chance at getting this is to create a custom location rule.

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